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Spina bifida

Spina bifida (spit spine)

In the first weeks of pregnancy a malformation of the spine can develop. The spine is not quite closed, causing a malformation of the spinal column. The spinal column is not quite closed so that the spinal cord malforms and malfunctions. Probably genetic disposition, malnutrition of the bones and dioxin contamination are proved to contribute to its occurrence.

Partial or complete paralysis of the trunk and both legs.

Owing to the fact that the legs bear little or no weight due to the paralysis, their growth is slowed down. The overall height is hence proportionately smaller than normal, because above the height of the paralysis normal develop takes place. Imapirment of the arms in terms of function, strength and mobility does not depend on the height of the damaged vertebra, but on the malfunctions of the brain in the case of (now rare) hydrocephalus (referred to as water on the brain). Frequently malformation and defective position of the legs and curvatures of the spine.

Supplying a car:
Owing to the short lower body the wheelchair needs to be such that the person concerned sits relatively low down. In this case a major change to the steering wheel position might be necessary. If the arms and hands are impaired in their function, strength and mobility, this affects the steering equipment and the technical support when accelerating and braking and the steering aids.

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