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Sclerosi multipla (MS)

Multiple hardening.
Unknown; pathogenic endogenous defence processes cause hardening to the myelin sheaths which in turn impair the transmission of stimuli.  (autoimmune disease). 

The myelin sheaths are partially or completely destroyed so that the transmission of electric impulses in these areas is impaired or indeed fails completely. 

Initially: symptoms of paralysis in the legs with impaired coordination of movements (ataxy), lack of strength, intention tremor (constant trembling of the legs).  

Further deterioration of the neurological disease occurs in episodes or very gradually. This may be: little strength in arms and hands, intention tremor (constant trembling in arms and hands), symptoms of paralysis in arms and hands, impairment of movement coordination (ataxy) and impairment of the fine motor skills (manual skills), weak bladder and intestines (incontinence) may also occur. 

Supplying a car:
Owing to lack of strength in arms and hands, in the course of time transferring from a wheelchair to the driver's seat will no longer be possible, making it necessary to drive in the wheelchair. Furthermore, strong support is required for steering and braking. In the case of intention tremor (constant trembling in arms and hands), the hand must be fixed in a steering wheel tri-pin and the sensitivity of the element for controlling the accelerator must be adjusted accordingly. 

Symptoms of paralysis in the arms and hands cause reduced movements and diminishing strength, which need to be compensated by technical means. in den Armen- und Händen rufen eingeschränkte Bewegungsabläufe und Kräfteschwund hervor, die durch die Technik ausgeglichen werden müssen. impairment of movement coordination (ataxy) and impairment of the fine motor skills (manual skills) also affect the ability to function and reserve strength.



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