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Atrofia muscolare spinale


Muscular atrophy affecting the spinal cord. There are up to 30 different types of spinal muscular atrophy. The most frequent form is  proximal spinal muscular atrophy, which is described here. It is called this because of the proximity to the trunk when it begins.
Genetic defect. Nerve cells in the spinal cord - the anterior horn cells - are affected. It is probable that incorrect nutrition of the cells is the cause. 
Only the motor nervous system is affected. The parts of the nervous system responsible for sensation when touched, for perceiving pain and temperature, remain unimpaired. The bladder and rectum continue to function normally.
Owing to the muscular atrophy, muscle weakness and even the complete failure of muscles occur and this leads to considerable and very serious impairment of movement in legs, arms and hands.  
Supplying a car:
Since the course of the disease is progressive and differs from one case to another, the extent of impairment of movement and weakness of muscles can only be ascertained by means of tests. The extent of technical support and the type of steering equipment required is also dictated by this.



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