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Refers to men with a height under 150 cm and women under 140 cm. There are over 100 manifestations.

Growth and metabolic disorder, the causes are only partially known. They are partially congenital. Another possible cause is a pronounced Brittle Bone Disease, which causes many fractures in the epiphyseal fusions of the bones. This can impair the growth of the bone to such an extent that the arms and legs are very short, or indeed form only small stumps. Refer to Osteogenesis imperfecta.

Short arms, legs and trunk. Small hands and feet, curvatures of the spine.

Muscle strength is usually sufficient. The main problem is the limited range of the arms and legs and their restricted mobility.

Supplying with a car:
A thorough investigation must be made, whether and with which pedal extension sufficient strength can be applied to brake with the short legs. Also tests must be made to establish whether the arms are long enough to turn the steering wheel far enough to drive around bends or a mini steering wheel or bicycle handlebars are required. Furthermore, a check must be made to establish if the control elements can be reached with the short arms. This also includes the operability of a foot-controlled parking brake if there is one. Furthermore the hands and feet may be very small so that gripping the control elements and holding the steering wheel could cause problems.  

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