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The Paravan PR Piccolino: The Wheelchair that Meets the Needs of our Youngest Customers.

Analogous to the demand of specialty physicians, therapists, doctors, retailers and clinical professors, our research and development engineers have developed a completely new electrical wheelchair concept. The Paravan PR Piccolino is specially tailored to the needs of the disabled and the severely disabled children and their parents. In addition to the medically necessary functions such as forward and backward tilt, a novel adaptive seat concept and a lift height up to 80 cm. The seat width is 270 - 430 mm, the seat depth is 320- 385 mm, and the back height is 400 - 480 mm. Side supports, head support and other seat accessories are multi variable and individually adjustable. Unique to the Paravan PR Piccolino is that it can grow with your children and remain a loyal companion that provides much fun, enjoyment and comfort for kids and parents. The new Paravan PR Piccolino is available in your child’s choice of many colors.

Technical data and dimensions PR Piccolino

Feature: Data:
Lifting function as measured without seat 360 mm - 800 mm
Tilting Forward 21° Backward 50°
Back angle Backward 67°
Side frame repositioning Thoracic area 30 mm / side Seat area 50 mm / side
Lumbar support, 4 levels Height adjustment 70 mm Curvature 0 mm - 25 mm
Adjustment of foot position 120 mm
Seat length adjustment, optional 180 mm
Foot angle adjustment, optional 0° - 90°
Electric foot rest, optional 0° - 90°
Head support 5 positions
Armrest 6 axes with 12 individual adjustments
Empty weight including accumulators, without seat 133 kg
Maximum load 120kg (standard), 150 kg, 180 kg (optional)
Total width of chassis without seat (Standard seat fully within the chassis width) 640 mm
Total length without foot rests, forward movement 990 mm
Total length without foot rests, reverse movement 900 mm
Total height, standard seat, including head support 1240 mm
Total height, standard seat, without head support 1050 mm
Accumulators 2 x 12 Volt
Lights LED directional indicators LED front and rear lights
Range 30 km*
Distance between wheels for drive axle 560 mm
Distance between wheels for rear axle 370 mm
Wheelbase 640 mm
Dimensions of front wheel 3.00 - 8
Dimensions of rear wheel 2.00 x 50
Floor clearance 70 mm
Maximum height of obstacles 60 mm
Turning radius 780 mm
Maximum slope (uphill) 12° = 21%**
Maximum slope (downhill) 10° = 17%**
Maximum lateral slope 6° = 11%**
Speed Standard 6 km/h, optional max. 10 km/h*

* The maximum range was measured under test conditions. Weight, terrain and weather conditions may influence this figure in everyday operation.

** When travelling on steeply inclined terrains do not use top speed, and also travel with particular care where the seat height has beem adjusted, there is seat tilt or where the seat length has been changed, and on uneven surfaces (e.g. grass, gravel, sand, ice and snow)!

As individual as you yourself:
colours available for PARAVAN PR Piccolino

In addition to this extensive range of standard colours for your Paravan power wheelchair, we would also be delighted to customise it to your requirements. Special shades and paintwork, airbrushing or the application of your own decals – our creative team ensures that your wheelchair will be just how you want it.

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