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Elektro-Rollstuhl für Menschen mit Behinderung

The new attractive entry-level model in the PARAVAN power wheelchair series: The PARAVAN PR 10 is the perfect wheelchair for customers who are looking for real value for money: tried and tested PARAVAN quality "Made in Germany" without splashing out on costly additional features. The highly affordable basic price of the PR 10 speaks for itself!

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Our new mid-range model, the PARAVAN PR 30 Evo II, is perfectly adapted to your needs. Nine different configurations consisting of back pads (height: 52, 64, 71 cm) and seat pads (seat depth: 40–54 cm) can be selected as you wish and are already included in the basic model.

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The Paravan PR 40

Sometimes it is time to rethink current models and discover new avenues – as was the case with the development of our new versatile and flexible powered wheelchair PR 40. It is a perfect symbiosis of our current models in the PR product range.

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The PARAVAN PR 50 Evolution

Experience the ultimate in mobility and freedom with our new PR 50 Evolution electric wheelchair. It is the most innovative, most stable and most versatile chair in the world. And the first wheelchair to be approved throughout the EU as a 'proper' car seat and to be crash-tested!

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PARAVAN PR Biolution Standing Wheelchair

Just about two years ago, things had started to take shape at the Rehacare International trade fair in Düsseldorf. PARAVAN presented its first case study for an innovative medical standing wheelchair. Since then, we have worked unstintingly to bring this flagship project to fruition.

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The PARAVAN PR Piccolino

The new PARAVAN PR Piccolino electric wheelchair.  Especially designed to meet the needs of handicapped children and their parents.

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The PARAVAN PR Heavy Duty

The strongest member in our range of power wheelchair solutions is the PR Heavy Duty. This power wheelchair model has been specially developed for maximum capacity.

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The most innovative, stable and versatile electric wheelchair in the world. A vehicle and a companion that helps you to manage your physical handicaps – at home, at work, while enjoying your hobbies or out and about. Ingenious but incredibly easy to use, it turns on the spot and fits into any lift. You can even drive a car without getting out of it!

The ultra-robust wheelchair was constructed by engineers, technicians and therapists in the best Swabian engineering tradition. Its development took four years. Since 2008, series production and special design production have been continuing in the PARAVAN innovation centre. The wheelchair is patented, TÜV-certified and has been crash-tested. It is the only wheelchair that possesses EU certification as a car seat with integrated belt! Naturally, we adapt each detail to your individual needs. You can pick up your wheelchair just six weeks after ordering.
Plus our 24 hour service is also unrivalled!

You've always dreamed of being mobile? You soon will be! This versatile power wheelchair from PARAVAN helps the disabled to become independent. Just take a seat and head for freedom. Our power wheelchair is the most innovative and stable there is. Evolutionary like Nature, and perfectly adapted to you and your medical condition. A chair that will be your companion, letting you immediately forget your disability. At home, at work, in your spare time enjoying your hobbies, when out and about. Sophisticated yet unbelievably simple to operate – in the quality people expect from PARAVAN wheelchairs.

Award winning electric wheelchairs by PARAVAN

Turns on the spot, fits into any lift. With this wheelchair, you can even drive a car without swapping seats! And it's not just our customers who are impressed by this power wheelchair: Our wheelchair has already received the Bavarian State Prize 2008 and the "CyberOne" Hightech Award. This ultra-robust wheelchair was designed by our engineers, technicians and therapists following the best traditions of Swabian mechanical engineering. Development took four years. Series production and customised adaptation has been going on at the PARAVAN innovation centre since 2008. Our power wheelchair is patented, TÜV-certified and crash-tested. And is the only wheelchair that holds EU approval as a car seat with an integrated belt! Four different models of this power wheelchair (PR 50, PR 30, PR 10 and PR 10 Heavy Duty) featuring a stylish design offer a mobile solution that exactly meets your needs. Whether as a car seat with a clever modular system, a captivating all-rounder with a joystick and electric lift function, a spanking new entry-level model at a bargain price or a mobile solution for children, youngsters and people with restricted growth: We have your dream chair. You can pick it up in just six weeks after placing your order. And there's something else that is unique: Our 24-hour service!

At your service wherever you need it

  • Manoeuvrable in the home
  • Versatile at work
  • Safe on the road
  • Integrated into your car (as the driver or front passenger seat)

"Despite the dynamic changes at PARAVAN, they always show a personal touch and special respect for every person with a disability."
Karin and Hartmut Krause

Power wheelchairs from PARAVAN are custom-made. Medically invaluable, TÜV-certified, approved by health insurers and multi-award winning. From the PR 10 power wheelchair to the PR 30 through to the evolutionary PR 50 Evolution power wheelchair.

The PARAVAN PR-Serie electric wheelchair: The wheelchair that offers everything

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