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Safe drive-by-wire
with PARAVAN Space Drive 2

With the experience of thousands "on the road" systems worldwide the Space Drive II system gets a true revolution of drive-by-wire technology. Safe, reliable and powerful. The perfect combination of mature and sophisticated hardware and a functional and individually usable software. Thanks to a wide variety of interfaces (CAN, LIN, FlexRay) the sytem is multifunctional.

Dank der Space Drive by wire Technologie wir das Autofahren mit Behinderung ganz leicht gemacht

Keyfacts Space Drive 2

  • Active Redundancy: triple safety and full motor performance even of a control circuit fails
  • Variable interfaces (analog/digital) for connection of various input devices (CAN,LIN,FlexRay)
  • Blackbox in all systems of the controller (error memory)
  • Enough pedal distance and force in all vehicles, even if the vehicle control circuit fails
  • Permanent scanning of the component status
  • Speed-dependent steering facilitates the same driving performance as with power assisted steering at high speeds
  • Better braking at low speeds thanks to automatic adaptation to the pedal distance and force
  • Different throttle curves are available
  • Integrated Interface
  • Can switch between several language options = operation and fault description in the form of comprehensible fair copy and without encoding
  • Optimal and fl exible design to fi t all vehicles
  • Connection for driving school panel
  • The parameters cannot be modifi ed without authorisation
  • Innovative modular system of control elements to match your individuality
  • Ergonomy, operability, fl exibility and durability obtain a completely new perceived value
  • Individually adaptable software package
  • Made in Germany = fast spare parts delivery
  • The SPACE DRIVE technology conforms to all relevant standards and regulations in Europe
  • One-Klick-Support through our innovative completely new designed diagnostic tool
  • ISO-Certified and ECE-R-79 and ECE-R13 according
  • ISO 26262 (ASIL D)*

Operating specifications

Operating temperature: -40° C to +85° C
Storage temperature: -40° C to +125° C
Operating voltage 12V: + 9 V dc to +16 V dc
Operating voltage 24V: +18 V dc to +32 V dc
Typical load: ca. 7 A per modul
Continuous load: 30A per motor / 60A peak load
Power limit: 100 Amp.
Cycle time: 10 ms
Start Time to Ready: 1 sec. - 10 sec. dep. on appl.
BUS Systems: 2x CAN, 2x FlexRay, 2x LIN
Safety: 3-time redundancy
Diagnostic / Car Interface: DTC-connector / OBD-II
Language: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, ... and more
Digital I/O: 8 pieces (2 I/O with Timerfunction)
Size: B: 280 / H: 50 / T: 220
Weight: 2200 gramm
Environmental test: ISO 16750 - Part 5
EMC: CISPR 25, ECE R10, ISO 11542-4
Electronic discharge: ISO 10605
EMP: E=50 KV/m, H=133 A/m
Cooling: Passive cooling with cooling fins
Plugs & connectors: Coded & automotiv compliant
Reverse polarity protection: All voltage inputs
Power supply: 2 separate power sources
Microcontroller: 3 independet CPUs (128MHz)
ISO 1939 CAN Protokoll: High Speed CAN, 500 kB, 11/29 Bit
Angewandte Normen: AEC-Q100, Q101, Q200
Audit: ECE-R13, ECE-R79, ISO 26262 (ASIL D)

* The probabilistic target values according to ASIL D requirements of the ISO 26262-5 chapter 8,9 (SPFM, LFM, PMHF) are achieved.

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