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  • Space Drive II 2-way Joystick: Input device that operates as the steering mechanism for the vehicle.  Additional input devices: 4-way joystick, mini-steering wheel and a rotating hand control.

  • Space Drive Gear Control. For easy, push-button gear shifting using an automatic transmission.

  • Space Drive Start Control: Using a push-button, the vehicle ignition is activated. Two additional buttons can be used for accessories; commonly for an electric hand brake.

  • The factory steering wheel remains in place. Space Drive II can be deactivated completely.  Accompanying drivers can operate the steering wheel and foot pedals normally.

  • Accessory side view mirror for enhanced peripheral angle viewing.

  • Secondary Function Keypad: Controls various secondary functions such as the sun visors, window controls, horn and turn signals.

  • Space Drive II joystick: For easy use of the accelerator and brake controls. Gas/brake controls or a 4-way joystick can be used alternatively and allows for precision calibration depending on the driver’s disability.

  • Bleeper: The compact assistant that allows different functions to be controlled in the vehicle using the bleeper button.



Nothing was compromised in the development of our new, digital Space Drive II driving system.  Perfect ergonomics and precise, yet simple operation with the highest safety and quality standards.  A new dimension in adaptive mobility.  Even with minimal resistance and limited movement, you are able to drive with confidence using the Space Drive II system.

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