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Space Drive is a system that is unrivaled in the world – a real breakthrough. It allows persons with low residual strength, minimum movement capabilities and even those without limbs to safely drive a car. With Space Drive, you activate the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel using driving aids controlled by microprocessors using triple redundancy. These transmit the signals in nanoseconds to a servo motor for the brake and accelerator and another for the steering ("Drive by wire" or "Steer by wire"). We configure the single modules individually. We readjust the software and hardware on-site if your clinical picture changes. The system is certified according ISO 26262 ASIL D and manufactured according to the world-wide highest quality level: IPC-A-600 class 3.

Animated SPACE DRIVE® Cockpit: An Example

Paravan Space Drive 2 Cockpit zur Ansicht

Simple click on the photo to go to our interactive Space Drive cockpit.  For an explanation simply drag your mouse over the red dot in the photo. 

Different Input Devices for Space Drive II by Paravan:


  1. Patented, TÜV-approved  (§19 StVZO)
  2. Fits into all cars   
  3. 20 million kilometres driven in continual load test (hydro pulses) under extreme conditions
  4. Perfect individual adaptation even for advanced changes
  5. Dual safety using two systems running in parallel. Full engine power if the control circuit fails.
  6. Exact computer configuration of parameters
  7. Safe speed-controlled steering – even at high speed
  8. Ergonomically relaxed driving
  9. Superb value for money
  10. 24 hour service, including spare parts

Primary functions all under control

All primary functions such as braking, accelerating and steering can be executed safely and conveniently using the acceleration/brake lever, joystick, bicycle-type steering and mini-steering wheel. The Check Control rolls the entire system into one: for a perfect overview.

The SPACE DRIVE® nerve centre

The connection between the system and vehicle technology is controlled and monitored by the PARAVAN Interface network unit. The CPU (electronic control unit) activates the servomotors in real-time. The Bat Control functions as an independent auxiliary battery system.

Control systems

Gear Control with control unit and 4 buttons in a separate housing to operate the automatic transmission system (parking, reverse, neutral, drive). Gate-Way control unit with touchpad for simple operation of all secondary functions.

SPACE DRIVE Servomotors

Servomotors execute all control commands: Two translate braking and acceleration impulses from the controls into active acceleration or braking; two steering servomotors convert minimal steering movements made with the controls (e.g. mini-steering wheel, rotary steering or joystick) into active vehicle steering. Fully redundant with sufficient power for virtually any type of vehicle. Patented.

High-Tech Industrial Solutions

PARAVAN develops and supplies autonomous and independent drive systems for electric motors used in safety-related industrial applications. Road-approved with active multiple redundancy and the only one of its kind in the world – a genuine breakthrough. Input commands for acceleration, braking, or steering are forwarded via microprocessors to a wide variety of servomotors.

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A new dimension to drive-by-wire technology

The safety concept is based on active redundancy in all components including cable harnesses. Each of these pairs of servomotors is controlled by a PARAVAN CPU equipped with several processors. High-quality cable harnesses are used for direct triple (multichannel) transmission of the signals for steering, braking and acceleration to the PARAVAN CPU. Every data transfer is continuously monitored and verified. The new Space-Drive system is equipped with a wide range of controls which permit individual adjustment to any requirement of whatever nature, either in terms of technology or the needs of the wheelchair user. The VFD display, which is supplied as standard and included in the price, has been completely redesigned and now features integrated LED backlighting in different colours. In combination with the PARAVAN product range we additionally recommend our new 7-inch Paravan Touch Display.

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