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Additional options for the PARAVAN seat collection: it's often the little things that make life easier

Our main concern is the individual person and their disability. This is why we like to maintain a constant dialogue with our customers. This close contact enables us to implement individual adjustments, new developments, and improvements to our products in line with your wishes and requirements. You show us where we need to improve.

The Paravan riser aid function for the rotating or swivel seat: making vehicle access even easier

Paravan Rotating seat with stand-up function
even for passengers site

We have developed a stand-up function, the only one of its kind in the world, to help you get into and out of vehicles, as well as making sitting down and standing up both convenient and easier on the joints.

Driving can often become a chore, starting from when you first get into the car, when it should actually be something to enjoy and help you become more independent. But joint problems and other mobility restrictions can cause many people real difficulties, even in terms of just standing up and sitting down. We have decided to tackle these problems and developed the unique stand-up function for our patented seat system. 

Move forward and back and then out of the vehicle electrically: electric horizontal adjustment

Simple horizontal adjustment

An optional extra with our PARAVAN seat collection is electric horizontal adjustment. Just press the button, and the power of electricity will move you forwards or backwards (horizontally inside the vehicle) ensuring your new seat position is just right for you.

Twin horizontal adjustment with tilting backrest

With the twin horizontal adjustment facility, the seat in the vehicle not only moves horizontally forwards or backwards when inside your vehicle, but also when swivelled out (vertically out from the vehicle). In addition, the electric titling backrest means you can adjust the position of your backrest at any time.

double electric horizontal adjustment in and out (200 mm)

The PARAVAN swivelling seat with electric horizontal adjustment: it's all about movement

All within your grasp: a wide range of armrests

We have developed a wide variety of armrests to take the strain off your arms as well during the rotation process.

The wide armrest can be attached to your backrest, for example, and gives you a generous surface on which to rest your arm.

The 'special' armrest by contrast is a narrow armrest positioned towards the front. This extends the length of the armrest and creates even more room for rotation.

Greater contact for your back: the lumbar support

Besides its many functions, our specially developed seat (type K430) also gives you the option of a quadruple or double lumbar support. This gives your back even more relief and support.

The quadruple lumbar support is attached to the backrest of the seat and can be mechanically adjusted at any time in four different directions:

  • The curved element in the lumbar support can be slid in or out as required.
  • The lumbar support can also be moved up or down to adjust the height.

The double lumbar support can be adjusted electrically in the Schukra backrest.

The curved element in the lumbar support can be adjusted electrically inside your Schukra backrest, which means you can change its position at any time to one that's comfortable for you.

And a wealth of other additional options

Whether you want heated seats, armrests, a particular colour scheme, or special cushions for the buttocks. Your wish is our command. We believe it is very important to discuss your needs in person so we can adapt your seat as closely as possible to your individual requirements and wishes. We want to tailor your PARAVAN seating base to you, the user.

Here is a list of contacts: please click for details.

PARAVAN additional options for your PARAVAN seat base: a brief overview

The various additional options will depend on your individual solution. Similarly, there are numerous other options or you may be looking for something a bit out of the ordinary – we always try to find the right solution for you and this is why a personal discussion with our trained specialist personnel over the telephone or face-to-face is so important.

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