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The Paravan transfer seat base: transferring from your wheelchair to the driver's or passenger seat has never been simpler!

Transferring from a wheelchair to a car seat is often a tricky and exhausting affair! The PARAVAN transfer seat base does away with this problem, making it a simple and comfortable process!

The transfer seat base moves backwards and forwards in your car via a free-floating rail system and can turn through max. 180 degrees to the right or left inside the vehicle. The special feature: Besides its large angle of rotation the transfer seat base is also height-adjustable! This means that flexible and individual adaptation to your anatomy, your car and your wheelchair is no problem!

Six electric adjustment options: the Paravan transfer seat base makes this possible!

longitudinal displacement
180° rotation
Capacity up to 170 kg

The models of the Paravan transfer seat base: Overview

The Paravan K410 and K630 seat for the transfer seat base. Because a good journey calls for a good seat!

To ensure a safe, comfortable sitting position on every trip, Paravan has teamed up with the experts from König to develop special seat systems for the transfer seat base: the Paravan K410 and the comfortable Paravan K630. The K630 impresses with an integrated 3 or 4-point belt system. The thickness of the seat cushion increases slightly towards the front, so relieving all strain on the thigh muscles and helping to stop the user slipping forward on the seat. This encourages ergonomically correct positioning of the pelvis close to the backrest. Strain is reduced on the pelvis and lumbar part of the spine thanks to the ergonomically shaped back section with an adjustable 2-way Schukra lumbar support. Both seats are available in four different standard shades. Other special seat solutions are of course also possible for the transfer seat base. Our customer advisers will be delighted to help at any time.

Paravan K410 schwarz
Paravan K410 blau
Paravan K410 orange
Paravan K410 rot

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