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The Paravan rotating seat: technology to keep you moving

Product quality is a priority at Paravan. Every product is developed and manufactured entirely in-house. Quality already starts with the right nuts and bolts and stops with individual adaptation to each customer! Our "seat collection" is also manufactured according to the basic traditions of Swabian mechanical engineering.

The Paravan rotating seat: overview of technical details:

The mechanics of
the PARAVAN rotating seat

Function of electric seat bases

The electric rotating seat is driven by powerful electric motors. A gearwheel is set in motion, and the seat moves backwards and forwards on metal rails. The seat pivots out via a ball bearing made of metal.


The electric motion sequence

Seat rotates out: A rotating movement is first initiated around the B-pillar. The seat then moves forwards, with the seat pad rotating out further to max. 120° at the same time. Seat rotates back in: Seat base simultaneously rotates and moves back in. Modification of the car door is not normally necessary.


Material of seat base

To prevent wear to the individual components, we use high-strength metal and the maintenance-free, synthetic material Delrin.


Secure anchoring

The safety of our mechanical and electrical system is guaranteed, and we have documentation to prove this. In the event of an accident, the base will remain securely attached to the rails and can then be operated manually using the emergency release mechanism.


Product overview

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