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Perfect entry and exit aid for people whose movement is restricted: the Paravan rotating seat

Catering for the special needs and requirements of our customers, this unique rotating system undergoes development, manufacture and final assembly directly at the Paravan mobility park. Our distinctive concept "A one-stop shop, everything under one roof" allows us to monitor the entire product cycle of our products, individually adapting them as you require. We set store by offering a personalised service combined with maximum production and product quality.

The benefits to you with the Paravan rotating seat: at a glance

Paravan's unique rotating seat offers you a whole range of benefits. See for yourself just how many there are:

  • Developed entirely in-house by Paravan
  • Produced entirely in-house
  • Top production / product quality "Made in Germany"
  • Innovative patented rotating system
  • ISO certification to DIN EN 9001:2008
  • Only the seat pad rotates out of the vehicle, either to the left (driver's side) or to the right (passenger side)
  • Maximum rotation to 120°
  • Successful crash testing to ECE-R 17 and 74/408/EEC
  • Emergency release
  • Specially developed kinematics (motion sequence)
  • Electrically operated
  • Suitable and individually adaptable for many types of vehicle
  • Compact, low-level installation
  • This design is an optimum solution when it comes to transferring from a wheelchair to the swivel seat
  • Max. load capacity 90 kg
  • An electric stand-up function can also be incorporated as an optional extra
  • 24-hour spare parts service

Efficient usage in tight spaces

Space is limited in a vehicle, particularly on the driver's side due to the steering wheel. With the PARAVAN rotating seat, it is only the seat surface that swivels out. The backrest remains in position behind the steering wheel. This unique rotating system is ideal for all standard models of car, trucks, utility vehicles and camper vans.

Large turning range to 120 degrees and plenty of room for the legs

The seat pad of the rotating seat can swivel out of the car through max. 120 degrees. The turning range can be easily adjusted to any vehicle. The specially developed motion sequence means there is plenty of room for your legs during the entire process.

No need for adaptation of your vehicle. Incorporating a belt fixing point.

As the original seat fixing is used during installation of the rotating seat, it is not necessary to adapt your vehicle. An integrated belt fixing point for standard belts is available and provides flexible adaptation.

Child's play to operate with wireless or hardwired remote control

You select the comfort you prefer when operating your Paravan rotating seat. Both systems are child's play to use, whether hardwired or wireless, and will allow you to enter and exit your car without difficulty.

If something goes wrong: emergency release

When developing our rotating seat, we thought about your safety in the case of an emergency. Should the wireless or hardwired remote control malfunction or the power fail, you can use the emergency release mechanism provided to mechanically unlock the seat by hand with one swift movement. The Paravan rotating seat has incidentally passed all ECE-R 17 and 74/408/EEC crash tests with flying colours and is also TÜV-tested.


Specially developed by Paravan: the ingenious rotating seat kinematics

Seat rotates out:

After the initiation of a rotating movement (around the B-pillar), the seat will move forwards, rotating further out at the same time. The secure hold needed here is maintained by the integrated SIJ support.

Seat rotates back in:

Seat rotates and moves back simultaneously. Modification of the car door is not normally necessary.


The PARAVAN rotating seat:
also suitable for the front passenger side!

The unique PARAVAN rotating seat is also suitable for the front passenger side thanks to its flexible design. The independently movable seat pad will rotate up to 120 degrees out of the vehicle, either at the touch of a button or manually. This means obstacles in the car such as the centre console are simply bypassed, and occupants can get in and out safely and conveniently, including on the front passenger side.

Maximum seat comfort: the Paravan special seat (type K430) for the rotating seat base

Comfort in your car depends on the right car seat. This prompted us to team up with specialists from König as well as experienced physiotherapists and ergotherapists to develop an ergonomic car seat specifically for our patented PARAVAN rotating seat base. This not only makes boarding and exiting easier: the journey itself also becomes a delight.

The backrest:

  • Height and optionally angle-adjustable headrest
  • Maximum support and comfort is ensured by an ergonomically shaped back cushion
  • Stabilising lateral support relieves strain on the muscles of the upper body
  • An orthopaedically correct sitting position is ensured by the seat support
  • Electric backrest adjustment is available as an optional extra
  • Select where you want the armrest to be fitted
  • Angle-adjustable armrests available as optional extra
  • Seat heating available as an optional extra
  • Schukra lumbar support (2x) available as optional extra.

The extending seat pad:

  • The rotating seat pad is a perfect ergonomic design
  • Stabilising lateral support
  • Electric stand-up function available as optional extra

The Paravan rotating seat comes as standard in four different fabric shades. We would, of course, also be delighted to cater for individual requests, e.g. for the luxury of leather or your favourite colour. Our customer advisers will inform you about all options for features and colours.

We will adapt your rotating seat perfectly to your needs and wishes!

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