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PARAVAN transport vehicles

Plenty of room for individual needs: People with a disability will find the space they need in our transport vehicles – as well as the comfort levels they require to enjoy long trips. Whether in the active-use wheelchair or a large power wheelchair, the multifunctional interiors of PARAVAN's transport vehicles are adapted to the individual needs of each customer while offering space to safely seat up to nine people.

PARAVAN Transporter

Transporters for people with a disability:
the benefits at a glance

Many taxi companies, hospitals and community care services rely on PARAVAN's multi-variable transport vehicles for the disabled. Here are a few highlights at a glance:

  • Intelligent usage of space
  • Versatile entry solutions featuring lift systems and side steps
  • Sufficient room for up to seven wheelchair users
  • Optionally with "Rolli-Box" system and integrated folding swivel seats (seating up to nine people)
  • Fast, simple securing of wheelchairs
  • Wide range of basic vehicles

Space and safety for everyone: adaptation options with transport vehicles from PARAVAN

Transport vehicles with multi-variable seating capacity

All seats can be freely positioned. Our engineers are even able to adapt vehicles so a patient can lie down. Our equipment programme offers a wide selection of versatile folding swivel seats. Incorporation of the PARAVAN docking station or the modern "Rolli-Box" system also possible.

Transport vehicles with a rail system

Versatile interior design using aluminium floor rail system over the full length and width inside the vehicle. Seats and all floor-mounted tie-down systems for wheelchairs are freely positionable and can be conveniently adapted with little effort.

The new "Rolli-Box" system: flexible adaptation

Securing system incorporated in the side wall of the vehicle interior for all types of wheelchair. This multifunctional system can be folded into position and adjusted with little effort. Built-in retractors and tension belts allow wheelchairs to be swiftly and safely fixed in place. The combinable folding seats act as head and back supports for active-use wheelchair users (seat surface remains folded up) or function as a 'proper' seat for people without a disability (seat surface moved down). Even the headrests can be adapted to each disability in a variety of ways. A 3-point belt system ensures maximum safety in the event of an accident.

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