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PARAVAN special solution:
Adaptation of a Bentley with a PARAVAN swivel seat

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Innenansicht Bentlyumbau

Christin Kunath, Mannheim

Christin Kunath aus Mannheim sitzt im behindertengerechten PARAVAN Caddy

Restricted growth

VW Caddy live automatic, Space Drive, rear entry conversion, RREX remote control, removable pedestal, centre console shifted 55 cm forwards, transfer aid, assisted wheelchair exit, rear view camera, solar charging, asymmetric mirrors, auxiliary heater with remote control, roof-mounted indicators, auxiliary heating with radio remote switches, handsfree set, etc.

Danny Kropp, Niddatal

Danny Kropp sitzt im Behindertenwagen von PARAVAN


Chrysler Grand Voyager Limited, PARAVAN conversion of electrics, Space Drive, wireless-remote control, electric back and headrest, adapted armrest, three-pin steering wheel, electric handbrake, bleeper in foot well for secondary functions as indicators, horn. etc.

Sabrina Späth, Allmendingen

Muscular atrophy, very little head movement

KIA Carnival, Space Drive, wireless remote control for ramp and sliding door, air conditioning, auxiliary, heating, fully electronic controls, 6 external cameras, etc.

Janis McDavid, Bochum

Janis McDavid sitzt im behindertengerechten Transporter von PARAVAN

Driving without arms or legs

Mercedes Sprinter 315 CDI, Space Drive, electric swing door drive at rear, Slide-Away lift, various push-button switches, voice-activated control of 9 functions, activation of signals relevant to StVZO (German road regulations), etc.

Andreas Airich, Ansbach

Andreas Airich aus Ansbach sitzt im behindertengerechten Auto von PARAVAN


Chrysler Grand Voyager Comfort 2.8 CRD, PARAVAN conversion of electrics, Space Drive, 4-6 channel remote control, electric head and back rest, rain sensor, twilight switch, pedal lock, operation of 9 functions (L), adjustable support arm 1 + 2, etc.

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