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PARAVAN air suspension

Give your vehicle more ground clearance – and make driving more relaxing without aggravating pain. Adapt your car to the road conditions and improve comfort at the touch of a button. If the vehicle is lowered, the entry angle of the ramp is less acute, so allowing wheelchair users to access the vehicle more easily. This innovative suspension concept is optionally available for all rear or side entry adaptations – greater comfort for drivers and passengers.

  • Will not aggravate pain suffered by people with a disability or the elderly whose movement is restricted
  • Minimises any rolling or pitching motion of the vehicle
  • Less maintenance required than for hydraulic lowering systems
  • Sufficient ground clearance in every situation

Extremely balanced:
the air suspension system from PARAVAN

Significantly more ground clearance

Greater ground clearance, a more enjoyable ride: PARAVAN's intelligent air suspension system lets you glide easily over high kerbs, speed bumps and steep inclines, e.g. when driving into underground garages.

Simple access

If the vehicle is lowered, the entry angle of the ramp is significantly reduced, so allowing wheelchair users to enter the vehicle safely and easily. A robust, reliable air suspension system that is far superior to a conventional hydraulic solution.

More ground clearance thanks to PARAVAN air suspension

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