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PARAVAN Installation Solutions

Besides basic disability adaptation we can offer everything needed for a nice, safe journey in your car: from the new comfortable PARAVAN air suspension system, to the PARAVAN cassette lift to our multifunctional spinner knob. Discover a unique dimension to variety.

PARAVAN air suspension

Luftfahrwerk des Behinderten-Autos von PARAVAN

Greater ground clearance, a more enjoyable ride: PARAVAN's intelligent air suspension system lets you glide easily over high kerbs, speed bumps and steep inclines, e.g. when driving into underground garages.

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Hand controls and pedals: Controls available from PARAVAN

Whether clever little aids or high-tech control devices – PARAVAN will individually adapt all solutions so they are perfectly matched to your medical condition. From fitting the accelerator on the left to providing a digital accelerator ring...

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Ramps and lifts from PARAVAN

Ramp, rear lift or a cassette lift? PARAVAN can offer you a wide range of comfortable options to help you access your adapted vehicle. They all have one thing in common: They are fast and effortless to use!

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Wheelchair restraint systems from PARAVAN

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, securing your wheelchair in the car is a crucial safety factor in road traffic. Typical PARAVAN: We have the right solution for every wheelchair and model of vehicle.

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Wheelchair stowing systems from PARAVAN

Robotsystem, Rollstuhlverladesystem

Transfer to your car and hit the road. How would you like to neatly stow away your wheelchair in the car – in the boot, in the back, lying down or upright? We will help you find the best possible solution!

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