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The PARAVAN HYUNDAI H1: Modern design that just makes you want to get in

The brand-new, streamlined PARAVAN Hyundai H1 is a people carrier with an automatic gearbox that is a cut above the rest, both where the driver and passengers are concerned. Eight seats and comfort included as standard will make travelling from A to B a pleasure every day... And all this at an attractive entry-level price for the basic vehicle.

With the integrated PARAVAN cassette lift, you need have no worries about safety when boarding and exiting the PARAVAN Hyundai H1. The floor covering and automatic roll-off protection prevent slipping even on rainy days. Getting behind the wheel in your chair? It has never been simpler thanks to complete freedom from barriers inside. Just connect to the PARAVAN docking station, and your wheelchair becomes the driver's seat. Large doors, high ceilings – everyone has plenty of space in the PARAVAN Hyundai H1. Even tall wheelchair users can comfortably navigate through the vehicle. The PARAVAN Hyundai H1 can accommodate occupants with and without a disability as required. The comfortable back seat for 3 people can still be used with a wheelchair stationed in the interior. At the front of the vehicle there is sufficient space for two wheelchairs, one on the driver's side and one on the front passenger side.

Whether you are the driver or a passenger – the new PARAVAN Hyundai H1 is the perfect partner for every situation. When combined with the PARAVAN docking station and a wheelchair from the PARAVAN collection, this is an ideal transport system that leaves nothing to be desired.

Innovative, impressive, unique!
The PARAVAN mobility concept

The perfectly coordinated components of the new PARAVAN Hyundai H1 allow us to offer you an overall solution providing real value for money. One element is the evolutionary PARAVAN PR 50, which is the only wheelchair with an integrated belt system and orthopaedic special seat – there is no other power wheelchair in this configuration which is approved as a car seat throughout the EU. The second element is the docking station, which acts as the link between the vehicle and the wheelchair. The entire package, the wheelchair, docking station and vehicle adaptation has been crash-tested, satisfies the requirements of the ECE-R 17 guideline and is approved according to Section 35a of StVZO, the German regulations authorising vehicles for use on the road. This unique mobility solution is rounded off by the digital-electronic "Space Drive" driving and steering system. The innovative, multi-redundant drive-by-wire system even allows people with very little strength to drive comfortably without using a steering wheel or pedals, with the help of a joystick or mini steering wheel instead.

Modernes Design mit Kassettenlift: Der PARAVAN Hyundai H1
Sichere Verbindung: Die Paravan-Dockingstation
Modern und Flexibel: der Innenraum des PARAVAN Hyundai
Crash-Test bestanden: Der Paravan-Rollstuhl

Versatility and functionality in all areas:
seating options for the PARAVAN Hyundai H1

Besides modern, yet functional design, the new PARAVAN Hyundai H1 is characterised by enormous versatility: several wheelchairs can be transported at once. The PARAVAN Hyundai stands out with its extensive range of different usage options. The driver and passenger can swap places as the front passenger seat can also be used as the driver's seat. This allows people who are not disabled to drive in the original seat with its quick fastener without any difficulty. This lets you change drivers with little effort. Other features of the Hyundai disability adaptation include levelling of the floor up to the C-pillar, as well as the integrated PARAVAN cassette lift. Thanks to its lifting capacity of max. 320 kg even large power wheelchairs can access the interior of the PARAVAN Hyundai without difficulty. All functions fully processor-controlled, and even with remote control if required.

the dimensions of the PARAVAN Hyundai H1

Specification: Size in mm:
Access height: 1310 mm
Inner height: max. 1420 mm
Inner width: 1500 mm
Ramp width: 790 mm
Eye level height: 1290 mm
Ramp length: 1140 mm

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