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Conversion pictures for the PARAVAN Ford Tourneo Connect:

Der behindertengerechte Paravan Fort Tourneo Connect ist speziell für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet
In den behindertengerechten Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect können die Rollstuhlfahrer ganz einfach über die Seitenrampe reinfahren
Im Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect können die Autositze ausgebaut werden und so kann ein Rolsltuhlfahrer überallsitzen
Mit dem Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect ist das Autofahren mit Behinderung ganz leicht. Egal ob als Fahrer oder Beifahrer.
Autofahren im Rollstuhl der behindertengerechte Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect macht das möglich
Einfach über die Seitenrampe in den Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect fahren
Der der Dockingstation kann ein Rollstuhl im Ford Tourneo Connect auch weiter hinten stehen
Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect: Bequem Rein und Rausfahren über die Seitenrampe

Compact exterior, sublime interior:
The new PARAVAN Ford Tourneo Connect for drivers and passengers

Bequem in den Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect über die Seiten oder Heckrampe

A classy interior ambience, superb comfort and an affordable, stylish and compact FORD vehicle. Three reasons that spurred the PARAVAN engineers on to new heights in giving people with limited mobility the opportunity to move around with great abandon.

The result: The PARAVAN Grand Tourneo Connect is resplendent with ample interior space, flat floor up to the C-pillar and an interior height of 1510 mm. It is just the thing for wheelchair users who want to make their dream of limitless mobility come true.
The sliding doors open fully automatically with remote control or alternatively voice control, and the underfloor ramp integrated in the underbody smoothly slides onto the ground. Special lowering ensures that the ramp’s loading angle is so slight that active wheelchair users with little residual strength can get inside quite easily without requiring any third-party assistance. Another treat is the adjustment of the ramp to any type of ground such as a footpath, where even linear extension and retraction is possible.

The PARAVAN docking station is a sought-after extra for electric wheelchair users. After all, it gives wheelchair users TÜV-compliant support while at the same time charging batteries by harmoniously combining wheelchair and vehicle electronics. So when they have finished driving, they can set off on a new adventure with a fully charged wheelchair battery. Thanks to the various ways that the Tourneo Connect can be designed, all products from the PARAVAN “One-Stop Shop Range” right up to the revolutionary SPACE DRIVE II joystick control system are quite easy to integrate.

The enormous tailgate, large floor space and the ability for a wheelchair user to take the family along for the ride mean that a refreshing family holiday is entirely within the realms of possibility. A comfortable wheelchair-accessible vehicle that is highly convenient, boasts top workmanship, high-quality materials and a pleasurable feel at a reasonable and fair market price. An amazing vehicle that makes happiness come alive at any moment and in any form.

Der behindertengerechte Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect ermöglicht das mitfahren in einem Auto trotz Rollstuhl
Der behindertengerechte Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect ermöglicht das selbständige fahren eines Autos

Compact. Classy. Versatile:
Seating options for the Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect

From its great versatility to the modern design of the interior, our PARAVAN Ford Tourneo Connect can convey several wheelchairs together, and there are many different possible ways it can be used. Thanks to intelligent disability-friendly vehicle modifications, the driver and passenger seats can be used in two ways, because the passenger seat can be used as the driver's seat. So able-bodied people can also easily drive in the original seat with quick-release lock. This change of drivers can be implemented with just a few hand movements. Other characteristics of the disability-friendly vehicle modifications are the deeper-set floor, which creates a larger interior height and total accessibility, and the extendible underfloor ramp with angles and lengths that can be customised and which automatically adjusts to any type of ground. The new disability-friendly PARAVAN Ford Tourneo Connect - compact exterior, sublime interior!

The PARAVAN Ford Tourneo Connect:

Specification: Size in mm:
Access height: 1340 mm
Inner height: max. 1510 mm
Inner width: max. 1340 mm
Ramp width: 790 mm
Ramp length: 1050 mm
Eye level height: 1200 mm

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