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Lifestyle and an enjoyable ride: the new PARAVAN Caddy for drivers and front and rear passengers!

Paravan Caddy - Behindertenfahrzeug

An enjoyable ride, versatility and comfort for wheelchair users. These are the aspects that had top priority while we were developing our PARAVAN Caddy for the disabled. The new PARAVAN Caddy is characterised by a lowered floor from front to back as well as from left to right, freedom from barriers and plenty of space for several wheelchairs. Whether with the wheelchair on the driver's side, the original car seat on the front passenger side or the other way round: PARAVAN's clever, versatile seat concept means you can change drivers with little effort. If wished, the rigid back seat of the standard version can be replaced with two integrated folding swivel seats during adaptation. This lets you drive in or out of your car easily and without obstacles: the PARAVAN Caddy is ready for an excursion with the whole family! Live your dream of mobile freedom and experience the fascination of the PARAVAN Caddy!

Top quality and safety:
with a certificate of non-objection from Volkswagen

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Following extensive, in-depth testing and inspections, Volkswagen AG has issued PARAVAN with a "certificate of non-objection" for the new wheelchair-accessible PARAVAN Caddy for disabled drivers, front and rear passengers. PARAVAN is thus officially listed as a certified and recommended partner of Volkswagen AG. We are very proud to receive this rating, which once again confirms the high quality and innovative strength that goes into our products and integrated mobility solutions for the benefit of people with a disability or whose movement is restricted.

Innovative, impressive, unique!
The Paravan mobility concept!

Discover the PARAVAN Caddy as an intelligent, carefully conceived overall concept: the interaction of perfectly coordinated components. The first piece of the puzzle is the evolutionary PARAVAN PR 50, which is the only wheelchair with an integrated belt system and orthopaedic special seat – there is no other power wheelchair in this configuration which is approved as a car seat throughout the EU. The second piece is the versatility and generous dimensions of the PARAVAN Caddy for the driver and front passenger. The third key component here, the solidly built electronic PARAVAN docking station, acts as the link between these pieces. The entire package, the wheelchair, docking station and vehicle adaptation, has undergone crash testing and passed all tests according to the ECE-R 17 guideline! Only PARAVAN can offer this. In addition, our integrated mobility concept is approved according to Section 35a of StVZO, the German regulations authorising vehicles for use on the road.

Flexible to the smallest detail: The PARAVAN Caddy
Safe connection: The PARAVAN docking station
A new dimension of space: The PARAVAN Caddy‘s interior
Crash test passed: the PARAVAN wheelchair

This unique mobility solution is rounded off by the digital-electronic "Space Drive" driving and steering system. PARAVAN's innovative, multi-redundant drive-by-wire system allows even people with very little strength to drive safely and comfortably without using a steering wheel or pedals, with the help of a handy 2 or 4-way joystick, acceleration/brake lever or mini steering wheel.

Only available from Paravan: the new air suspension system for the PARAVAN Caddy

You can now also take advantage of the new PARAVAN air suspension system. This new exclusive suspension concept is available as an optional extra for all rear entry conversion or self-drive solutions. Compared with the hydraulic system used to date, the new air suspension has many additional benefits to offer. The marked improvement in levels of comfort will ensure a relaxing ride that will not aggravate any pain suffered by people with a disability or the elderly whose movement is restricted, either as the driver or a passenger. At the same time, the system is easy to operate at the touch of a button and ensures optimum ground clearance in all everyday situations thanks to the lifting or lowering mechanism. This means that in future driving into underground garages will no longer be a problem. The ground clearance is maintained over the entire chassis with maximum comfort even when the vehicle is fully loaded. This tried-and-tested technology has low wear levels and is largely maintenance-free; as a result it is also absolutely reliable even in winter.

Single adaptation – numerous seating variants: seating options for the PARAVAN Caddy

Flexibility with a barrier-free passenger compartment – just how you wish. The PARAVAN Caddy's innovative seat concept offers numerous seating options both for people whose movement is restricted and for those whose movement is not. Whether travelling as a passenger at the rear of the vehicle, as the driver or the front passenger – adaptation in line with your disability opens up all options. ...and there's still plenty of room for your luggage!

The Paravan Caddy: dimensions

Infografik mit Größenangaben des PARAVAN Caddys
Specification: Size in mm:
Access height: 1420 mm
Inner height: max. 1510 mm
Inner width: 840 - 1380 mm
Ramp width: 820 mm
Eye level height: 1310 mm
Ramp length: 1260 mm

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