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Distrofia muscolare progressiva

Name :
Progressive malgrowth of the muscles; there are many different forms; here is a description of  Myotonic Dystrophy. This form is also known as Steinert's or Curschmann-Steinert's disease after the persons who first described it.
Genetic defect on chromosom nr. 19, still today untreatable damage to the muscles' cells. The cause is thought to lie in the alteration of the membrane system of the muscle cells.
Myotonic dystrophy can progress up to the point where the muscle cells are completely destroyed. The muscles first affected are those in the face, the hands, lower arms, lower legs and feet. The disease can occur at all ages in men and women alike. 
Typical for this disease is the delayed relaxation of the musculature following muscular tension (myopathy/myopathy???).
Muscle weakness and impaired movement in legs, hands and arms, and restricted fine motor skills (manual skills). Some diseased muscles appear particularly strong because the typical tissue composition of the perishing muscle fibres is embedded in fatty and connective tissue. Progressive.
Supplying a car:
Owing to the individual and progressive course of the disease, the extent of impairment of movement and weakness of muscles can only be ascertained by means of tests. The extent of technical support and the type of steering equipment required is also dictated by this.



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