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Neural muscular atrophy

Nerve-related muscular atrophy
Almost always a genetic defect. The sheaths of the nerve fibres become abnormally thick or the nerve fibres themselves perish. It is the nerve fibres in the arms and legs that are affected.
It slows down the speed with which the nerves transmit. It begins with muscular atrophy of the lower legs. The symptoms then rise up the lower legs and later affect hands and lower arms. There is little impairment of sensations. There may be vegetative disorders such as too much or too little perspiration and major circulatory problems may occur. There may be slight spastic symptoms of the legs.
Owing to the atrophy of the muscles amyasthenia may occur and even the total failure of the muscles, causing significant to serious restrictions to the mobility of the legs, arms and hands.
Supplying with a car:
Owing to the individual and progressive course of the disease, the extent of impairment of movement and weakness of muscles can only be ascertained by means of tests. The extent of technical support and the type of steering equipment required is also dictated by this.

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