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New: PARAVAN Touch & Touch Display

Paravan’s innovative operating concept for secondary functions.
Can be used as a permanently installed 7-inch touch display in vehicles. Also available as a mobile app for all iOS and Android terminals (iPad, iPhone etc.).

Doors open, ramp out, ignition on, indicate left ... Until now, you have had to integrate numerous “little helpers” into your vehicle, or you needed to go to the trouble of finding the right button on your remote control. What was the one for the ramp again? Now everything is more convenient with a sure and easy touch. Just open the Paravan Touch App on your smartphone, tap the desired command on the console and your vehicle will open as if by magic. Up to 100 different functions are available. The best thing about it? Whether on your mobile device, permanently installed or combined with our Paravan Voice Control - Paravan Touch knows the command and synchronises it to all installed devices. So you’ve always got full control.


Together with the Paravan Gateway, the Paravan Touch Display forms the basis of our new touch system. The capacitive touch display with its 7-inch colour screen is installed individually and ergonomically in your vehicle. Up to 100 secondary vehicle functions can be programmed, depending on the vehicle type. 


Open the door, lower the lift ... Functions that you can also operate conveniently from your iPhone or iPad with the Paravan touch system. All you need is the Touch Display with the integrated gateway, the Touch WLAN package and the new Paravan touch app for iOS devices. You will be able to download the app free of charge from the Apple AppStore. The app also works for the new AppleWatch. It couldn't be easier!

Note: Devices are not included.


It goes without saying that there is also a Paravan touch app for Android devices. Besides the Paravan Touch Display, once again all you need for this is the Touch WLAN package and you're all set to control important functions in your vehicle using your smartphone or smartwatch. The Android app will be available to download from the Google PlayStore.

Note: Devices are not included.


Our combination package consisting of the Paravan Touch and Paravan Voice Control provides the perfect interplay for controlling your vehicle's secondary functions. The package combines in an ideal way the advantages of touch control with the advantages of our own voice control system. Ignition on, start the engine, open the doors ... a small tab on the display and the function is performed. Paravan Voice Control helps you during your journey. With voice commands like left indicator, sound horn or screen wash on, the system performs commands without you being distracted. Both systems are fully in tune with each other and synchronised. Everything can also be controlled via the Paravan app using the optional WLAN package.

Paravan Touch System: Keyfacts

  • Innovation and technology made by PARAVAN
  • All secondary functions can be operated (e.g. indicators, gear selection, electric windows, wiper operation, high beam, horn, door opening, cassette lift, engine control and much more)
  • Up to 100 customisable commands possible
  • Fast execution of the entered command
  • Compatible with iOS and Android terminals. Also suitable for smart watches.
  • Compatible with Paravan Voice Control
  • Paravan Touch App only in connection with Paravan Touch Display and Paravan WLAN-package

Technical specification Paravan Touch Display:

  • Supply voltage 9 - 32V
  • Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Operating temperature -30°C to +60°C
  • Capacitive touch display 7”, anti-reflective glass
  • Size: 187 x 130 x 45mm
  • Connection via 4-pole M8 socket
  • Resolution 800x480 px
  • Communication to Gateway via CAN bus
  • Fast system start-up (less than 10 seconds)
  • Modern design
  • Note: Only in connection with Paravan Gate Way. Only use Paravan Touch App in conjunction with Paravan Touch Display

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