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A vision becomes reality:
the PARAVAN PR Biolution standing wheelchair

Just about two years ago, things had started to take shape at the Rehacare International trade fair in Düsseldorf. PARAVAN presented its first case study for an innovative medical standing wheelchair. Since then, we have worked unstintingly to bring this flagship project to fruition. We joined forces with customers with restricted mobility, ergotherapists, physiotherapists and eminent professors from well-known clinics and gradually managed to put together the missing pieces in the puzzle, continuously improving existing components and single-mindedly pursuing our vision. We have now achieved this. Our vision is becoming reality, and we can now present to you the PR Biolution standing wheelchair.

Unique biometric joints:
The highlights of PARAVAN PR Biolution

Why develop the PARAVAN standing wheelchair? Catering for customer needs in a new dimension has always been a top priority for Paravan. Working in close cooperation with eminent physicians, patients and therapists, our engineers aimed to develop a standing wheelchair that can be perfectly adapted to the needs and medical condition of every patient. The Paravan PR Biolution standing wheelchair is an absolute first in terms of its design and precision. It incorporates the latest findings from mechanics, mechatronics, neurological and geriatric rehabilitation, in addition to state-of-the-art medical expertise. Innovative biometric joints ensure perfect balance for this aid, which has been developed according to stringent medical engineering guidelines and offers unique levels of stability and safety. Attention has been paid to the various medical and ergonomic aspects with a view to improving the clinical picture for the individual concerned. Optimum sitting , lying and standing positions are highly beneficial for the blood vessels, heart and lungs and in particular for the vestibular system (sense of balance). The Paravan PR Biolution standing wheelchair also encourages early mobilisation within the phase model especially following a stroke, so allowing patients to progress efficiently along the process chain. Automated and preprogrammed movements, which are agreed with the professionals in charge of the user, allow this aid to be widely used from neurological rehabilitation, through in-patient care to geriatric rehabilitation. Even at this early stage Paravan is relying on close, constructive cooperation with selected clinics and the subsequent local customer care offered by qualified medical supply stores to further refine the extensive benefits available to patients here. 

As individual as you yourself:
colours available for PARAVAN PR Biolution

In addition to this extensive range of standard colours for your Paravan power wheelchair, we would also be delighted to customise it to your requirements. Special shades and paintwork, airbrushing or the application of your own decals – our creative team ensures that your wheelchair will be just how you want it.

Technical data and measurements PR Biolution

Feature: Data:
Version small 130 to 150 cm body height (without docking station)
Version G1 150 to 175 cm body height
Version G2 175 to 200 cm body height
Seat height 370 to 840 mm
Seat angle forwards (standing function) 90°
Seat angle backwards (tilting) 37°
Backrest angle 8° bis 85°
Foot support angle 0° - 90°
Width (G1/G2) 650 mm
Length (G1/G2) 1200 mm
Length (footplates folded up) G1/G2 960 mm
Width (Version small) 600 mm
Length (Version small) 1000 mm
Length (footplates folded up) Version small 900 mm
Front wheel suspension
Puncture-resistant tyres
Fold-up footplate
Swing axle
Version medium & large compatible with PARAVAN docking station
Fold-away biometric hinged joint
Foot support with freewheeling gear (automatically locked in the standing position)
Controls: Dynamics DX2
Individual seat pad adjustment
Maintenance-free gel batteries
Accumulators 2 x 12 Volt / 55 Ah / C20
Lighting LED direction indicators LED front and rear lights
Range ca. 30 km
Spacer width at the drive axle 650 mm
Spacer width at the rear axle 370 mm
Wheelbase 650mm
Measurements of front wheel 3.00 - 8 Luft
Measurements of rear wheel 2.50 - 3 Luft
Seat width 45 cm
Seat depth 39-52 cm
Backrest height 61 cm
Ground clearance 70 mm
Maximum obstacle clearance 60 mm
Turning circle 1400 mm
Maximum (upward) climb 12% / 4%**
Maximum (downward) slope / (sitting/standing) 12% / 4%**
Maximum camber (sitting/standing) 12% / 4%**
Speed (sitting/standing) 6 km/h* bzw. 10 km/h (optional)*
Unladen weight (version small / version medium, large) 198 Kg / 204 Kg
Maximum load 150 Kg
Temperature 10° - 40°
Humidity 20% - 90%

* The maximum range was measured under test conditions. The actual range achieved may vary according to weight, terrain and weather conditions. The HMV version is limited to 6 Km/h.

** When travelling on steep slopes, please do not travel at maximum speed or use the seat height adjustment, tilt or seat slide functions and please exercise particular caution when travelling on uneven surfaces (e.g.
grass, gravel, sand, ice and snow)!

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