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The Paravan transfer seat base: also fits original manufacturer seats

The greatest concern of our company is that it is not you who should adapt to our products, but we should adapt them to match your individual needs!

Your wishes and requirements are the focus of attention here. This is why all our products are directly developed and produced at the Paravan mobility park. The Paravan transfer seat base is also manufactured according to this concept.

So you can enjoy the benefits of the Paravan transfer seat base in combination with the manufacturer's original seat for your vehicle, we have created options to cater for this!

Experience the versatility of the Paravan transfer seat base for manufacturer's original seats

Innovative standard seat for the Paravan transfer seat base

Individual modification (adaptation) of the Paravan transfer seat base makes it possible to fit virtually any conventional car seat. The installation height still remains low.

Additional functions are still available:

All additional functions of the manufacturer's original seat remain available despite mounting on the Paravan transfer seat base:

  • Electric seat adjustment backwards and forwards
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Electrically adjustable seat cushion
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Massage
  • Memory function
  • Seat occupancy recognition system
  • Airbag

Functions still available:

The functions of the transfer seat base remain available even with a conventional standard seat.

2-way transfer seat base: forwards/backwards

4-way transfer seat base: forwards/backwards + up/down

6-way transfer seat base: forwards/backwards + up/down + 180° rotation

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