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Please take a seat: the PARAVAN seat collection is here! Awarded the ADAC Gelber Engel (Yellow Angel) in 2013!

Able-bodied persons often underestimate the importance to the disabled of easy access or a smooth transfer into a car. We offer a wide range of options for ensuring these functions are both safe and comfortable. Discover all the variety the PARAVAN seat collection has to offer on the following pages

  • PARAVAN Rotating Seat
  • PARAVAN Swivel Seat
  • PARAVAN Transfer Seat Base
  • Swivel-Lift Seat (Turny)

Perfect high-tech design: the PARAVAN Perfect Seat Collection

The Paravan rotating seat:
not available anywhere else!

Interieur durch offene Tür des Behindertenfahrzeugs

PARAVAN's unique rotating seat allows the elderly and disabled to take a seat either behind the wheel or as the front passenger. The process is safe, comfortable and above all easy on the joints. The special feature: With the PARAVAN rotating seat only the seat surface and a small lumbar support on the driver's seat is swivelled out to a maximum of 120 degrees. The backrest remains in position in the vehicle, and the steering wheel is no longer in the way during rotation.

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The solution for the front passenger side: the Paravan swivel seat

Spezialsitz eines Behindertenfahrzeugs

The PARAVAN swivel seat is the optimum assisted entry system for the front passenger side on virtually any vehicle. With the PARAVAN swivel seat, the entire seat swivels out through max. 120 degrees while offering you additional comfort with an integrated foot support.

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The Paravan riser aid function for the rotating or swivel seat: perfect assisted entry

Aufstehhilfe für Behinderte / Rollstuhlfahrer

To not only help you when boarding and exiting, we have also looked at the problem of getting up from a sitting position. The result is PARAVAN's unique riser aid function. Perfect for your Paravan rotating or swivel seat.

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Transfers made easy: the Paravan transfer seat base

Getting safely on board with six directions of movement. The Paravan transfer seat base makes transferring from your wheelchair to a car seat child's play. Offering up to six directions of movement (forwards/backwards, up/down, rotation through 180°), the Paravan transfer seat base can fulfil every wish.

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The PARAVAN seat collection:
impressive quality

All models of the Paravan seat collection undergo development, manufacture and final assembly directly at the Paravan mobility park. Entirely in line with our integrated mobility concept: A one-stop shop, everything under one roof! Top production and product quality is our promise to our customers. Including proof of crash-testing!

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