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Wheelchair stowing systems from PARAVAN

How would you like to neatly stow away your wheelchair in the car – in the boot, in the back, lying down or upright? Depending on the type of vehicle, wheelchair weight and your mobility requirements we are bound to find the right solution for you from our wide range!

Robot 3000 – tried and tested technology

At the press of a button this clever robot will collect the wheelchair (up to 38 kg) from the driver's door and stow it away in the boot. The hatchback then closes automatically. Installation is possible in virtually any boot. The automated motion sequence is individually coordinated to each vehicle. Even if there is little room, the wheelchair will be safely propelled to the boot without knocking against anything – and without any assistance from the driver. And if you change cars, the Robot 3000 can generally be installed in your new vehicle.

Side wheelchair stowing system

Like the Robot 3000, this handy aid collects the wheelchair directly at the driver's door and stows it away behind the driver's or passenger seat at the touch of a button, exactly in line with your needs and individual requirements.

Rear lift for vans and estate cars

Simply leave the wheelchair on the platform and press the remote control – the lift will do the rest. It will carefully tuck your wheelchair neatly away in the car. Little space required.

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