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For greater safety in your car:
the new PARAVAN head and back rest system

The electronic swivelling head and back rest is moved into the optimum preselected position by just pressing a button. The special 4-point-harness ensures a secure hold. The incorporation of several electric switches allows the driver to operate the direction indicators, horn, lights and windscreen wipers just by pressing lightly with the back of the head. If wished, up to 16 functions are possible here. This not only ensures safety on the road, but also helps guard against any worsening of the driver's medical condition, in particular where the spine is concerned.

Unique form and function:
the PARAVAN head and back rest for passengers

Passengers can enjoy perfect support with PARAVAN's tried-and-tested head and back rest, which can be individually adjusted to the passenger's height and disability. Optimum stabilisation is ensured by an additional belt system. The PARAVAN head and back rest can be easily readjusted at any time and can also be taken out if changing vehicle. The small installation area and compact design allows the space inside the vehicle to be used efficiently. Nor is there any restriction on the freedom of movement for the legs and feet when boarding or exiting the car. The support system of the head and back rest is not just safe and functional, but also simple to use. The height-adjustable restraint system including belts combines comfort for the back with optimum stabilisation. Rock-solid securing to the B-pillar and the locking foot in the middle of the vehicle also ensures simple usage: It just takes a second to fix passengers in position.

The PARAVAN head and back rest can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle and the well thought-through concept makes it excellent for long/wide wheelchairs. It is also suitable for users with long legs and large feet. The driver's freedom of movement behind the wheel is not impaired in any way by the passenger's support system. The support can be easily adjusted for a different wheelchair without any need for time-consuming modifications by the workshop. Nor are there any problems if you change your car: The head and back rest is frequently transferred to a new vehicle.

The perfect connection between wheelchair and vehicle: the PARAVAN docking station

In conjunction with the PARAVAN docking station, the PARAVAN PR 50 wheelchair is the world's first wheelchair to be approved as a driver's seat. It acts as the secure, vibration-absorbing link between your disability-friendly vehicle and the PR 50 and also functions as battery charging station. Crash test passed with flying colours. The wheelchair engages accurately with the docking station; approach also possible at an angle with the preset guidance system. Even the most minor components are manufactured with top production / product quality.

The PARAVAN docking station offers secure fixing through its mechanical and electronic docking mechanism and includes a mechanical emergency release device. The wheelchair batteries are recharged via the vehicle's electrical system during the journey.

Drivers and passengers can use the docking station with any PARAVAN vehicle adaptation and in numerous different positions. Modified seats for non-disabled drivers can be quickly refitted with the docking station in place. The PARAVAN docking station does not result in any instability or inherent dynamics and so ensures a safe and smooth journey including for disabled persons with severely impaired motor functions. The docking station is stable due to the use of high-strength steel (electro-galvanised), which prevents twisting in all three axes.

Flexible wheelchair tie-down systems

Whether you are the driver or passenger, securing your wheelchair in the car is a crucial safety factor in road traffic. Typical PARAVAN: We have the right tie-down system for every wheelchair and make of vehicle. On board with a wheelchair means enjoying mobility without the bother of transferring to a vehicle seat.

The benefits to you:

  • Top safety thanks to tie-down and restraint systems
  • Use of 3-point and other belt systems
  • Wheelchair and passenger each secured individually

EZ-Lock universal docking station

The universal electromechanical securing system holds the wheelchair in position while the vehicle is in motion. It consists of the base unit (bolted to the floor), the operating unit and the adapter on the wheelchair. Its position in the vehicle can be varied. It is really simple to use: The wheelchair is moved into the securing system and automatically locks in place. The operating unit is attached within the wheelchair user's reach. The locking device is released by pressing a button on the operating unit.

Easilok 3

The safe combination for passengers. The wheelchair and passenger are secured in place using an individually adjustable rail system. They can be safely transported with the help of an integrated 3-point belt and a spring safety hook holding the wheelchair in place. The backrest can be swiftly converted for the passenger seat (for passengers without a wheelchair or when transferring seats).

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