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Our range of aids and handheld devices include over 800 top quality installation and operating components.  From simple hand-held devices and steering wheel knobs to a complete high-tech controller for primary and secondary functions – to provide you with optimum safety on the road. We will meticulously install them to the requirements and preferences of each individual.

Accelerator ring

Put your foot down by hand without letting go of the wheel. Whether digital or mechanical: both solutions are available from PARAVAN. In addition, the accelerator ring can be fitted above or under the steering wheel.

Manual controls

Brake and accelerate by moving the lever manually. Apply and release the brake comfortably at the touch of a button.

Manual controls with additional functions

Hand-operated mechanical acceleration and braking system. Integrated electric aid for hill starts. Optionally with operation of secondary functions (light, direction indicators, etc.)

IR secondary operation

Ergonomic manual turning knob with infrared control of up to 24 secondary functions such as direction indicators, windscreen wipers or lights. Comfortable operation using one finger.

Manual device for muscle weakness incl. multifunction

Optimum lever action when accelerating and braking. Supports natural sequence of movement, minimum effort required. With additional control of various secondary functions. Dismantling and adaptation no problem.

Multifunctional touchpanel

Secondary functions such as direction indicator or windscreen wipers can also be easily controlled with the touchpanel – extension possible to include any other function. Different mounting points in the vehicle possible.

Mini-Stamp raised pedals

For drivers with short legs or different leg lengths: when pedals only need to be raised slightly, the Mini-Stamp kits can be fitted to the original pedals without modifying them. Simple to remove, can be used by anyone.

Raised pedals

The ideal solution e.g. for customers with restricted growth: Raised pedals and footrest rolled into one. Device can be detached as required.

Pedal cover

Safety in the foot well with manual control: the pedal cover prevents the pedals from being accidentally operated.

Left-hand acceleration with prosthesis support

The driver accelerates electronically on the left. The right foot is prevented from accidentally slipping under the pedal thanks to a special support that keeps it where it is.

Orthopaedic fittings

Everything firmly in your grasp – with a range of individual aids and fittings we make sure you can relax and concentrate on driving. These fittings are designed to ensure safe, effortless operation of the controls and input devices. For example, grasping the three pins on the wheel lets you steer easily. This wide selection of different components is designed to compensate for motor disabilities.

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