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The PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy: our new family van with van-tastic space

The road belongs to you: multivariable, modern and extremely spacious family van. Ideal for people with disabilities or progressive illnesses in an active or power wheelchair. The new PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy impresses with its great flexibility, excellent value for money and exterior that looks no different from a standard vehicle. The "Jumpy" is available as a low-cost M conversion or as a comfortable PARAVAN E conversion. Our advisers will be delighted to help!

Innovative, impressive, unique! The PARAVAN mobility concept

The new PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy is the first fully converted vehicle for disabled drivers which shows no sign of its special adaptations from the outside. It is exactly the same as a standard vehicle in terms of floor height (ground clearance: 220 mm), vehicle width and boot size, and impresses with its magnificent all-round vision. The PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy is based on the popular PARAVAN modular system and can therefore be perfectly adapted to all types of disability. A wide variety of controls are available to fulfil all the wishes and needs of the customer. From the simple steering wheel spinner knob and manual devices through to rotating and swivelling seats and even the evolutionary SPACE DRIVE II driving and steering system with triple redundancy (triple the safety!). Even those suffering from severe paraplegia or progressive illnesses can enjoy PARAVAN driving pleasure using the joystick or mini steering wheel. The ergonomic design and spacious concept for the interior make the PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy the ideal choice for a specially adapted vehicle, as it is highly suitable for even the severest limitations as well as large power wheelchairs!

Citroen Jumpy für Menschen mit Handicap
100% standard look: the PARAVAN Jumpy
Drive on board and lock into place: the Paravan docking station
1500 mm interior height: there couldn't be any more space!
Perfect combination: PARAVAN wheelchair and PARAVAN Jumpy

Versatility and functionality in all areas: seating options for the PARAVAN Jumpy

Infografik für Flexiblität des behindertengerecht umgebauten Citroen Jumpy

Just tap the remote control, and the sliding door of the PARAVAN Jumpy will open in a moment. At the same time, the air suspension lowers the whole vehicle by 9 cm to reduce the entry angle to a minimum, and the underfloor ramp is extended. All in a matter of seconds. No ramp gets in the way inside the vehicle, and the completely level floor lets wheelchair users move freely into position as the driver or front passenger. The original seats can be conveniently removed with little effort thanks to the PARAVAN quick fastener system. Flexibility in all areas.

Owerview: The dimensions of the PARAVAN Jumpy

Specification: Size in mm:
Access height: 1360 mm
Inner height: max. 1510 mm
Inner width: max. 1390 mm
Ramp width: 770 mm
Eye level height: 1250 mm
Ramp length: 1040 mm

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