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The PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller

Rollstuhl fährt in ein Auto für Behinderte

Lower, accessible vehicle floor from the A- to the C-pillar provides more headroom. The Paravan cassette lift is as strong as an ox, ensuring safe and comfortable entry. Can be used flexibly as a solution for the driver or a front- or back-seat passenger...

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for drivers or passengers

Rollstuhl fährt in ein Auto für Behinderte

We make you mobile! Our experts can create a "made-to-measure suit on wheels" with the multi-variable PARAVAN Caddy. So cleverly that you will almost forget about your disability...

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The New Paravan Ford Tourneo Connect

Behindertenfahrzeuge von PARAVAN sind TÜV geprüft

The PARAVAN Grand Tourneo Connect is resplendent with ample interior space, flat floor up to the C-pillar and an interior height of 1510 mm.

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The PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy

Perfektes Raumangebot im umgerüsteten Behindertenauto von PARAVAN

The PARAVAN Citroen Jumpy is the first fully converted vehicle for disabled drivers which shows no sign of its special adaptations from the outside. It is exactly the same as a standard vehicle...

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The PARAVAN Hyundai H1

Paravan Hyundai H1

Modern design that makes you want to get on board as soon as you see it – the streamlined PARAVAN Hyundai H1 is a people carrier that is a cut above the rest.

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PARAVAN Vans and Transporters

Behindertenauto von Paravan

Maximum enjoyment on the road – whether as the driver, front or rear passenger. The sensational amount of space in the vehicle makes it ideal for families...

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PARAVAN rear entry conversion for passengers

Heckeinstieg für behinterte Menschen

PARAVAN's clever rear entry conversions make boarding child's play for wheelchair users. They have proven their worth time and time again with many different models of car. Perfect for families with disabled children...

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PARAVAN Space Drive 2 System

Experience drive-by-wire technology in a new dimension. Our new revolutionary Space-Drive System open up full mobility to you...

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PARAVAN Transport Vehicles for the Disabled

People with a disability will find the space they need in our transport vehicles – as well as the comfort they require to enjoy long trips.

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PARAVAN Installation Solutions

Whether an air suspension system, input device or modern processor-controlled cassette lift. Paravan offers you an unbelievable selection of different conversion modules for customised adaptation of your vehicle. See for yourself...

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The PARAVAN Driving School for the Disabled

Becoming mobile is a bit strange to start with – something that needs to be learned. Qualified driving instructors from our own Paravan driving schools based in Aichelau and Heidelberg will gladly help you on the road towards mobility...

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The PARAVAN Used Car Market

Head off for mobile freedom with our wide selection of PARAVAN-tested used vehicles suitable for the disabled. A low-cost alternative is available for you whatever your medical condition...

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PARAVAN Special Solutions

As an innovative vehicle converter and mobility specialist, we create custom-made solutions for leisure vehicles, tool vans, municipal utility vehicles, tractors, trucks and a whole lot more...

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Enjoy your journey on the road

"Can I drive a car?" Yes you can!  We convert your car individually to fit you like a tailored suit.  Regardless of whether you own a small Kia car, VW family van, roadster, Jeep or camper, we will equip it with sophisticated technology and electronics. If they do not exist, we will invent them for you. Our factory has 66 work stations and 32 lifting platforms, suitable even for large vans and buses. Altogether, there are around 100 production sites working on a limitless mobility for you.
On your first visit you will receive professional and friendly advice designed to provide a new mobile dimension to your quality of life. The advisory team includes therapists as well as internationally recognized experts. Our “oasis of well-being” provides you with the chance to relax and enjoy a family atmosphere in the café and restaurant area with a large bar and sun terrace, as well as the relaxation area. 

"The ultra-fast work and perfection involved in converting my giant motor home showed me yet again that you are the only company up to this task!"
Marcel Langensieper

"The superfast work and level of perfection achieved when my jumbo-sized motor home was adapted proved to me once again: You're the only people up to the job!"
Marcel Langensieper

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