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The PARAVAN Biolution – the world's first standing wheelchair with biometric joints

An evolutionary masterpiece in terms of medical/therapeutic auxiliary equipment

Aichelau, 08/05/2013

A vision becomes reality. In collaboration with renowned clinicians, scientists, patients, and therapists, the multi-award-winning PARAVAN Technology Group has produced a unique stand-up wheelchair, which leaves nothing to be desired. Clinical, therapeutic, and ergonomic. It can be adapted perfectly to individual needs and the relevant clinical scenario. The psychological benefits are considerable, since the user can converse at eye level without the act of standing up, using the support of the biometric joints, causing any pain. The resulting improvement in quality of life for those with disabilities is enormous.

The PARAVAN Biolution represents completely new territory in terms of its design and precision and draws on the latest knowledge from the fields of mechanics, mechatronics, and neurological and geriatric rehabilitation, as well as the latest medical expertise. The innovative biometric joints represent a genuine evolution. The patient retains their current, stable position, even during transitions to different wheelchair settings such as from sitting to standing. The seating surface automatically adapts to the change in sitting position and it is impossible to slip down from the wheelchair's seating surface.

As a general rule, standing in an upright position has an extremely positive effect on the hips and muscle tone of people with a physical disability. Even patients who cannot stand up themselves should be put in an upright, vertical position with a view to improving muscle tone and preventing dislocation of the hip. The hips, if muscles become imbalanced and they are not exposed to adequate loads, are increasingly likely to move away from their central position in the original hip socket or even become completely dislocated. In addition, standing upright and various changes in position play their part in improving the circulation and lung and intestinal function. Standing also improves cartilage and bone metabolism and stimulates the epiphyseal plates in growing children and adolescents. The circulation in those experiencing trophic disturbances of the legs, with cold and damp feet, is stimulated by changes of position. Changing sitting position relieves the strain on the buttocks and lessens the risk of developing a worrying decubitus ulcer, according to Prof. Renée Lampe, Senior Consultant at the Rechts der Isar orthopaedic clinic, part of Munich's elite technical university (TU München).

Since the PARAVAN Biolution supports a stable, upright position, it becomes possible to work in a safe standing position using both hands.

Attention has been paid to the various medical and ergonomic aspects with a view to improving the clinical picture for the individual concerned. Optimal sitting, lying, and standing positions are extremely beneficial in terms of vascular medicine, cardiology, pneumology, and especially the vestibular system. With stroke cases in particular, the PARAVAN Biolution also supports early mobilisation as part of the phase-based model and thereby favours efficient progress along the process chain. Automated and pre-programmed exercise sequences, agreed with the persons requiring treatment, make it possible to use auxiliary equipment for neurorehabilitation, in an inpatient context, or even as part of geriatric rehabilitation.

The PARAVAN Biolution – a masterpiece of medical/therapeutic auxiliary equipment.

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