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New horizons

We always keep our research and development team busy: improving our excellent products, implementing suggestions from customers in ever new prototypes, discussing all this with scientists and orthopaedists,  as well as visiting the heads of clinics and specialists from local authorities and hospitals to gain new visions. When the managing director Roland Arnold exchanges ideas with VW CEO Martin Winterkorn, they are naturally talking about innovative vehicle technology. The results speak for themselves. 

" In spite of the rapid changes, there is still a sense of the familiar flair as well as a particular respect for every disabled person".
Karin & Hartmut Krause

The PARAVAN Peugeot Traveller

Lower, accessible vehicle floor from the A- to the C-pillar provides more headroom. The Paravan cassette lift is as strong as an ox, ensuring safe and comfortable entry. Can be used flexibly as a solution for the driver or a front- or back-seat passenger. Optional features include the latest digital driving aids from Space Drive right through to voice control. The new Paravan Peugeot Traveller simply offers everything that you could want from a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

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PARAVAN Touch & Touch Display

Paravan’s innovative operating concept for secondary functions.
Can be used as a permanently installed 7-inch touch display in vehicles. Also available as a mobile app for all iOS and Android terminals (iPad, iPhone etc.).

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PARAVAN Voice Control

Conjuring with your voice – delightfully simple and user-friendly voice control from PARAVAN for all secondary functions in your vehicle. Experience the already proverbial “driving pleasure” with the new, revolutionary little helper, the PARAVAN Voice Control.

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PARAVAN Biolution standing wheelchair

Just about two years ago, things had started to take shape at the Rehacare International trade fair in Düsseldorf. PARAVAN presented its first case study for an innovative standing wheelchair for medical purposes. Since then, we have worked unstintingly to bring this flagship project to fruition.

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PARAVAN's movanimo® exercise trainer

The movanimo exercise trainer is your expert exercise partner. Offering real flexibility, it can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements. It comes with a 7.5" colour display as standard and boasts a wealth of extras, like ASC spasm control, automatic direction of rotation, fast adjustment of pedal axes, and a comprehensive training analysis programme.

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PARAVAN Perfect Seat Collection

The latest generation of the PARAVAN Perfect Seat Collection is now waiting to be discovered by you. The sequence of movement is fully programmable – perfectly adapted to your individual needs and your vehicle. Easy to operate via remote control. The most comfortable way to access your vehicle.

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PARAVAN PR 50 Evolution wheelchair

Experience the ultimate in mobility and freedom with our new PR 50 Evolution electric wheelchair. It is the most innovative, stable, and versatile of its kind in the world. It is also the first wheelchair to be approved across the EU as a fully-fledged car driver's seat and has even undergone crash tests.

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PARAVAN PR 10 and PR 30 wheelchairs

We have made some additions to our evolutionary PR range of wheelchairs in the form of the new PR 10, a rugged entry-level model, and the new PR 30 electric wheelchair, a sophisticated and multi-variable mid-range model. Both wheelchairs have been developed and are manufactured at PARAVAN's own premises, building on the proud engineering tradition associated with Germany's Swabia region.

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A new dimension in drive-by-wire technology. PARAVAN is unveiling the first components from the new SPACE DRIVE II digital driving and steering system. At the heart of the new system is the CPU: smaller, more compact, and more powerful. The CPU used in the Space Drive II represents a whole new dimension in drive-by-wire technology. A new high-performance processor with shorter runtimes and higher clock frequencies makes driving safer and more dynamic. All with multiple redundancy. More information available here soon at www.paravan.de

PARAVAN cassette lift

The perfect solution for lateral access: the new PARAVAN cassette lift. This powerhouse lifts you into the vehicle with speed and comfort. The unique manual emergency release is a great safety feature.

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