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Vehicle concept premiere: PARAVAN to present CLOUI at IAA

New: The Paravan CLOUI Concept

CLOUI is the world’s first inclusive mobility concept for autonomous driving. It can be individually configured and used to move people as well as goods. It also opens up a new field of work for people with disabilities.

Everyone is talking about autonomous driving, but PARAVAN has already put this technology on the roads. With CLOUI, the company is now offering the world’s first inclusive mobility concept. The vehicle is also the first to be produced by PARAVAN itself. To make this possible, the company drew on its expertise and experience in everything from car body manufacturing to sensor technology. CLOUI is a novel vehicle concept in the field of new mobility that brings together the current industry mega trends of e-mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving.

A completely customizable vehicle that can meet any need

CLOUI is based on a motion board comprising a chassis, engine and sensors. The length and width of this basic structure can be adjusted as required. “Neither the body of the vehicle nor the interior fittings are pre-defined,” says Roland Arnold, CEO of PARAVAN. “CLOUI is completely customizable, which means it can be perfectly adapted to suit the needs of the users, in particular, users with severe disabilities. This is what the mobility of the future looks like.” The mobility concept gives the customer complete control over the production of vehicles, whether for the transport of people or goods. At the same time, CLOUI represents a milestone for the inclusion of people with disabilities, because it allows them to more easily and independently take part in road traffic.

A new field of work for people with disabilities

With CLOUI, PARAVAN is also opening up new job opportunities for people with disabilities. Even in the future, autonomous driving will require the presence of an individual, who can intervene in case of an emergency. PARAVAN’s technology already makes it possible for people with disabilities to fulfill this role, thereby putting autonomous vehicles on the roads. This also allows PARAVAN to gather valuable data to further advance the development of the technology. PARAVAN’s technology has already successfully covered more than 500 million kilometers on the roads. Driverless driving is made possible by the Drive-by-Wire system, a patented, fail-safe system that has been approved for road use and is equipped with its own energy supply. For more than twenty years, the manufacturer and global market leader PARAVAN has been developing control technologies that allow people with severe disabilities to safely participate in road traffic.

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