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PARAVAN Hosts US Mobility Dealer Training in Germany

Nine participants from the US mobility market recently attended the week long PARAVAN Space Drive II training at the PARAVAN headquarters in southern Germany from October 2-9, 2016. Five states were represented including Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida California and New York. This training included installation techniques, welding instruction, and participation in PARAVAN’s driving school program. Dealers and CDRS visitors spent time with specific technicians where they learned new procedural skills for general installation and then had a chance to meet with PARAVAN staff individually in elective sessions. This focused training week underscored the defining safety advantage that PARAVAN has pioneered in the field of high tech mobility systems and makes us the market leader worldwide. All participants successfully completed the required US certification exam which qualifies them to both instruct and install the PARAVAN product line in their home state.
The week long training included more than hard work and study. Local visits to Bad Urach, Tubingen and Metzingen gave attendees the chance to hike, shop, see historical architecture and taste the incredible local cuisine. Visits with local German families and attending the historical Oktoberfest gave the week a personal touch that most foreigners typically won’t find on a trip abroad. For more information about PARAVAN training in your area, please contact Greg Long toll free at 844-887-0723.

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